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PixElement’s patent­-pending image processing algorithms transform your aerial images, whether collected by drone, plane, or satellite, into powerful, accurate business intelligence.
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Lightning Fast,
Infinite Scalability

Speed matters, scalability matters. PixElement’s advanced distributed processing algorithms process imagery faster than ever before with no limits on data size.
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unparalleled accuracy

Powered by our simple­-to­-use GCP Wizard tool, PixElement’s processing can produce LIDAR quality measurements with accuracies as fine as one centimeter using a simple point­-and­-click interface.
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“PixElement is an easy-to-use, reliable image processing service that reliably provides data products that meet my specific accuracy needs. PixElement has been instrumental in moving our drone program forward.”
Rick Duthler
Duther Land Surveying
“Using PixElement’s cloud­-based image processing software, I’m able to process huge datasets with a few clicks of a button. This frees up my desktop and alleviates any need for storage infrastructure. I love it!”
Omar Mora
- Dr. Omar Mora
Westland Group INC
“PixElement has found a modernized approach to image processing with a focus on user-experience while still providing high accuracy results.”
Andrew Zaydak
- Andrew Zaydak
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Your Data is Our Business

Our customers already know what makes PixElement stand out from the crowd, do you?

Construction Projects

  • Evaluate progress
  • Verify Drainage
  • Compare Engineering Plans

Mining Operations

  • Gather precise stockpile volumes
  • Detect changes
  • Foresee environmental issues


  • Identify infrastructure damage
  • Model power line sag
  • Detect changes against engineering plans


  • Raw asset preparation
  • Track & identify dynamic targets
  • Ready for exploitation intelligence